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Sophie Gragg

Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

My love for dogs started from a very young age. When I was seven years old, I volunteered to walk dogs at the Humane Society. I became intrigued with dogs' psychology and learning processes after adopting a dog with a bite history and taking him to classes. Additionally he was required to take two more behavior modification classes. This experience sparked an insatiable curiosity to understand why dogs develop behavioral problems and how to solve them. I wanted to help other owners and dogs communicate through similar struggles.​

My goal now is to enhance the bonds between humans and dogs. People should be able to enjoy their dog to the fullest, but far too often I see people missing out due to a lack of mutual respect and understanding. I am here to help open up those doors so you can enjoy more with your dog. Dog's have fewer days than us, so let's work together to make every moment special!

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Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to get you and your fur baby on track!

Contact Hours: 9am - 7pm

(616) 514-9845

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