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Meet My Girls

These five girls have all helped me learn and grow as a trainer. They all hold a special place in my pack and each provide something different that I use to assist with my clients.

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Stormie Rayne


This girl is my whole heart and soul. She is the dog that showed me what a truly unique and special bond you can share with a dog. She is a working Service Dog, though she is nearing retirement soon, and she competes and trains in various sports such as; Rally, Obedience, CAT, Agility and Herding. 

She is confident, independent, smart and sassy and a very special, one of a kind dog. 

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Nixon Bean


Nix is my rescue dog, she was a neglect case, taken by animal control at 4 weeks old. She was terrified of people when I got her at 8 weeks old and now she will hug any stranger, if given the chance.

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Carbon Lee

Carbon is my bouncy, derpy, goofy, ditzy child. She balances out my pack, while also adding her own element of chaos. 

She competes in PSA (Protection sport) and agility.

Photo Oct 09 2023, 10 50 42 PM_edited.jpg
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Manuka Michelle

Manuka (Nuke) is my spicy, demon dog. She is a busy body that sometimes struggles to reign in the crazy and relax. She went through a couple traumatic things as a puppy and gave me a run for my money in working through defensive, fear reactivity. She has come such a long ways and will continue to grow as she matures. 

She competes in PSA, Dock Diving and Disc.

Photo Oct 09 2023, 10 52 33 PM_edited.jpg
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Element James

This girl has weaseled her way into my heart much like Storm has. They have so many similarities, but just enough differences. She will potentially take over as the next Service Dog and is a heavy sport competitor as well. 

She competes in; Agility, Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Dock Diving, Disc, and Herding. She is another do it all dog with so much personality. She is going to do a lot of big things in her life and I am so excited to be along for the journey.  

Photo Oct 09 2023, 10 53 30 PM_edited.jpg
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